Let’s get one thing straight: People who have kegerators at home aren’t necessarily bachelors or living in a frat house. Rather, we’ve discovered that they are lovers of beer. All of it – the look, smell, taste and feel of the hops, barley, and all the ingredients in between. So while these kegerator owners share their passion of the beer industry with their friends and family, a conundrum appeared. How can we easily tell friends what beer is in the kegerator without having to stand by the keg all night pouring beers for friends? Some kegerator owners have devised home-grown remedies for this – ranging from Post-it Notes, hand-drawn signs taped up, keg caps wired to fancy, decorative tap handles. We knew there was a better way.

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These tap handles are the Original Keg Cap Tap handle but with your logo on the face and in any color you want! You can now get Keg Cap Tap handles in custom colors and with custom engraving options!

This is a great way to customize your kegerator while still letting your friends and family know what's on tap. Please see our FAQs page to learn more and contact us to discuss your custom needs.