What is a Keg Cap Tap handle?

The Keg Cap Tap handle is the only tap handle you'll ever need. It's a universal tap handle that makes it easy to always tell what's on tap. Its face is the perfect size to allow a keg cap to pop onto the handle. This means that you can take the branded keg cap off of the keg you buy and then pop it onto the Keg Cap Tap handle to indicate what beer you're pouring.

Can I use a Keg Cap Tap handle with any keg?

Yes! The keg cap from any Sankey D style keg will pop right onto any of the Keg Cap Tap handles. If you're using a non-Sankey D keg (European beer or Cornelius keg for homebrewing) then you can use one of our blank or custom caps to indicate what's on tap.

Can I re-use a Keg Cap Tap handle when I switch kegs?

Yes! The Keg Cap Tap handle stays right where it is on your kegerator. Only the removable keg cap needs to change when you change brews. If our new keg has a branded cap on it, then pop it onto the tap handle and you're done. If your new keg doesn't have a branded cap then you can use one of our blank or custom caps to indicate what beer you're serving.

Does the Keg Cap Tap handle work for home brewing?

Sure does. In fact, our handles are very popular with homebrewers. You can use our blank or custom caps to indicate which of your great homebrews is on tap. You go as simple as using a marker to write your beer name on a blank cap or get as fancy as having custom caps printed with your house brew names.

My tap handle won't screw onto my kegerator. What's the problem?

Kegerator faucets have traditionally been produced with a male 3/8"x16 UNC thread.  Most tap handles, including ours, are made with a female version of this thread. Sorry to say, but it's increasingly common that kegerator parts are made overseas and these are made with a metric thread (1.5x10mm). If you have this metric male thread on your faucet, you will not be able to screw on our tap handle or any other with a standard thread. If your tap handle won't attach easily to your kegarator faucet then there's a good chance you have a faucet with metric threads. Don't despair though, we sell a metric thread adapter! This handy little gadget screws onto the metric faucet and converts it to a standard male thread so that any standard tap handle can attach.I should note here that Keg Cap Tap makes all of our products in the good 'ol USA. In fact, all of our products are made in Colorado, the promise land of beer!

How to install and use a KCT handle

Just remove your current tap handle and then screw on your new Keg Cap Tap handle!   

My Keg Cap Tap handle isn't facing forward?

The fact that your handle doesn't face the right direction when installed can easily be fixed. The part directly beneath the tap handle can be adjusted to orient the tap handle in any direction. I'm referring to part number 2 in the drawing below. This is a bonnet that serves as a lock nut to orient the handle in any location you'd like.


Loosen your Keg Cap Tap handle or thread adapter a bit and orient it and your handle so that it's facing the way you'd like. Next, adjust the bonnet (part #2) so that it is used as a lock nut to hold the tap handle in the correct orientation.  The bonnet (part #2) doesn't have to be tight  against part #3 for the faucet to work properly.

What is a custom handle?

We offer our standard Keg Cap Tap handles with custom artwork on the face. We can replace our logo with your or artwork of your choosing. This is a great option for small breweries or  your home bar.

What are custom handle options?

Machined vs. laser engraved - We offer both machined and laser engraved options for custom handles. Machining is where metal is actually removed from the face of the handle to create your pattern in the fact of the tap handle. Laser engraving uses a laser to etch your design into the face of the handle. This is a surface treatment.

Color and detail limits - Both options require a monochrome image or artwork (i.e., black and white). Artwork should be relatively simple (remember this is essentially being cut or burned into the face of the handle so you can't to shading, colors or ultra-fine detail).  Finer detail (down to ~1mm) can be achieved with laser engraving while machining can go down to about 1/16" in detail.

Costs and lead times - Custom handles start at $60. Actual price will depend on your artwork and other choices for your handle (machine vs. laser etch). Lead times for custom handles are typically between 2-8 weeks. Contact us at info@kegcaptap.com to explore custom handles options.

What is a custom cap?

Custom caps give you control of the artwork and presentation and beers in your house. You send in artwork that we print and then stick onto keg caps. You'll have multiple copies of your caps to use as you want. You can fill the keg cap with your house brand image or you can leave some blank space in your design to write in beer names as you buy them or brew them. The blank space option is popular with homebrewers.

Ordering details for custom caps?

You send in artwork that we print and then stick on keg caps. You can fill the keg cap with your house brand image or you can leave some blank space in your design to write in beer names as you buy them or brew them. These are popular with homebrewers.

Artwork requirements

We prefer when customers supply the final artwork files for custom caps.  Images should ideally be circular or you should indicate the circular area of the image you supply that you want on your caps. High resolution (300dpi) jpeg files or vector graphics files are preferred. Send us what you have and we'll tell you if we can make it work.  

Costs and lead times

Custom caps cost $1 each with a $25 setup fee for each unique art but we'll waive 1/2 of the setup fee if you order 20 or more caps in your first order.  Reorders of additional caps with the same artwork do not incur any setup fees.

There is a 1-2 week lead time for custom caps.  


There are no minimum orders but caps get a lot cheaper when you order more.  

Repeat orders

Repeat orders of caps using artwork you've had printed with us before only cost you the $1 per cap cost.  There are no setup fees for repeat orders.  

How long does a keg last?

Longer than most people think. A keg can last months when properly used in a kegerator. Many people have memories of skunky beer after a keg party in college.  This is because air and temperature changes are enemy of good beer. If you use a hand pump, which uses air to push the beer, and don't keep the keg cool, it can go bad quickly. However, if you're using CO2 to push your beer and it's kept cool in a kegerator then the beer will be good for longer than it will take you to drink it!

What stem length do you recommend?

They are all great and work well. The medium handle is the first we ever made and it's our go-to recommendation. The short stem is preferred by some folks for a couple of reasons. First, shorter stems reduce the force applied to your faucet hardware. By the simple fact of reduced lever length the short stem handle reduces wear and tear on faucet parts so that they won't break. Second, the short stem is ideal if you have clearance considerations. The short stem handle has an overall height that is just less than the little black plastic handle that likely came with your faucet. You might have used this black plastic handle to help place your pour kegerator's faucet placement positions. I did this once when converting a traditional refrigerator into a kegerator.  When I used longer tap handles it meant that opening the freezer on top of my kegerator that it would pour and spill beer. If you have clearance considerations like this the short handle is ideal. The long stem handle is also very popular. Many people prefer that it's more noticeable and more like the height of modern tap handles. It's long stem also makes each pull a bit easier.

Bulk orders and discounting and wholesale pricing and agreements

Keg Cap Tap would love to talk to you about wholesale arrangements and partnership plans.  Please contact us at info@kegcaptap.com or the phone number in the footer of this page to discuss.