The Keg Cap Tap™ Family

Matt and Joanie met and fell in love in Durango, Colorado, home of Fort Lewis College, epic mountain bike rides, good friends and many wonderful breweries including CarversDurango BrewingSteamworks and the great Ska Brewing. Our stay in Boulder, Colorado , further solidified our love of great beer and the culture that surrounds it.

Once we became home owners, we got our first kegerator in ’05. It was great – cost effective, environmentally friendly and it drew friends and neighbors like crazy. The only tap handles we had for years were an inherited Genesee Cream Ale handle and a Ska Pinstripe (my all time favorite beer) handle purchased at a premium off the wall of an Old Chicago restaurant. If there were one problem with the kegerator, it was being constantly asked “what’s on tap” and hearing, as well as feeling occasional disappointment that the beer on tap at didn’t match the tap handle, we decided to do something about it.

Leveraging Matt’s extensive scientific background and his decades of experience in scientific instrument development and hardware design, we understand the technical and manufacturing process to machine aluminum into an elegant and reliable product. In the fall of ’09 we designed the first Keg Cap Tap™ handle and had a local machinist and friend make one for us. In fact, a utility patent which covers the Keg Cap Tap handle, was issued in 2011 to protect the company’s intellectual property. Unlike other tap handles on the market which usually receive a design patent, the Keg Cap Tap handle is protected by a utility patent that covers the core intent of the product, not just the specific implementation. This patent allows Keg Cap Tap to use various materials (metal, woods, etc.) to create the tap handle.

We instantly fell in love with the product and came to the conclusion that other folks might like it too. With the encouragement of family and friends, as well as a few favors, we formed the company to share the idea with you. Enjoy!

We are:

Matt: The inventor and designer of the Keg Cap Tap handle as well as a chemist. Matt loves beer, bulldogs, motorcycles, bicycles, running and all things Colorado. 

Joanie: The woman who makes it all happen. In addition to providing encouragement, freedom and support for Matt and the KCT brand, Joanie is the Director of Marketing and Sales and a fervent Broncos fan.

Louis & Gracie: Our staff and where most of the profits will probably be spent!